The Art of Home Brewing and Brewing Equipment

h3For any person who appreciates good beer, they can tell good brewed beer and that which has not met the cut. Brewing good beer boils down to the equipment that you are using hence it’s good to ensure that you have the very best. When it comes to brewing your own beer, many who wish to take upon the endeavor might not know where to start. A lot of people think that obtaining the equipment needed to brew your own beer is very difficult but on the contrary its actually very much doable. Read what entails a homebrew starter kit.

The first equipment to have to start brewing with malt extract is the boiling kettle which should be strong enough to handle the task. When the boiling kettle is on the job it will have some hot liquid and it makes it necessary for it to have some well insulated handles. The brewing of beer must make use of the temperature change as there are optimum times to add ingredients like yeast hence the need to keep track of temperature, here you will need a thermometer.

A brewing thermometer will be exposed to very high temperatures and therefore it needs to be made of quality materials so as to be efficient on the job. Adding yeast to a very hot brew kills it and on the other hand low temperatures are not going to make the yeast active hence one should aim for medium temperatures. Steel stirring spoons long enough are needed to help in the stirring of brew, wooden spoons are prone to bacteria and therefore not ideal. After brewing the beer it needs to be fermented and hence the need for a fermenter .

There are various types of fermenters available but the most common one is the plastic bucket. It’s a legal requirement to know the strength of alcohol hence the need to have a hydrometer, the gadget measures the density of the brew. The fermented beer is ready for bottling and with a plastic hose, bottle filler and siphon the bottling process can begin. For the last step of home brewing process, a bottle caper is needed to put the caps on the bottles.

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When transferring beer from the boiling kettle to the fermenter, it’s possible to have sediments in the brew, a strainer helps in filtering off the sediment. All through the entire process it’s important to remember bacteria destroys the beer or the brew. Its important to have sanitization equipment and agents as well to ensure you are using clean equipment. Thorough cleaning of the equipment after each brew is important, from the boiling kettle to the bottles and bottle caps as well. Ensure that the way you store the brewing equipment is safe from contamination as well. Home brewing is fun and what better way to enjoy good beer than have it from your own effort. Get more info on homebrewing equipment here:


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